Why be anti-mining?
1. Someone has to provide balance when the governments are controlled by the multi-national mining conglomerates and cartels.
2. Mining is the definition of an unsustainable industry. Open-cut mining causes irreversible damage to the ground that is impacted for the short term profit of rich investors while destroying the lives of the people who live there.
3. Miners have a history of pollution, corruption, murder and the creation of ghost towns. It is essential that they are opposed.

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Australian Mining Company exporting radioactive waste to Malaysia.

 The Hunter Valley where you will learn how little respect the Coal and Gas Industries, the Governments, and the authorities, have for human life and the environment.
New to Coal Seam Gas, and / or Shale Gas, mining, this is the place to start your journey into the horrors that both of these forms of mining bring to communities.

A valuable source of information from the USA
The South American perspective.
This is a brilliant site and great for an external perspective of Australian mining activity.
Their English version is gone, use Google to translate it, it is worth the effort!

  An excellent website available in Spanish or English
See what mining companies are happy to do, and what they are happy to leave behind.
The mining experience in the Philippines.

Link to bleeding heart video