We Are Anti Mining
Australia's first anti-mining group.

Why are we anti-mining?
1. Someone has to provide balance when the governments are controlled by the miners
2. Mining is the definition of an unsustainable industry.
3. Miners have a history of pollution, corruption, murder and the creation of ghost towns.

cujus est solum, ejus est usque ad coelum et usque ad infernos.
For whoever owns the soil, it is theirs up to heaven and down to hell.

Maybe not the whole way, but certainly far enough to guarantee us the peaceful enjoyment of our land.
 Golden tailed gecko, spotted quoll, brigalow bio regionPacifism and protesting. ex Greenpeace Action Co-ordinator gives his views on the art of protesting pacively.YouTube channels associated with the Coal Seam Gas, Underground Coal Gasification and Coal Mining Industries.Videos made by WAAM in their camaigns involving DERM, Department of Environment and Resource Management, British Gas, Queensland Gas Company, Santos, Arrow Energy, Drew Hutton, Western Downs Regional Council, Anna Bligh, Anna Blight, Lock the Gate, Labor Party and news media including 4Corners.
Information about WAAM.

We have two rules: No Violence. No Lies.

alian Mining Company exporting radioactive waste to Malaysia.

 The Hunter Valley where you will learn how little respect the Coal and Gas Industries, the Governments, and the authorities, have for human life and the environment.
New to Coal Seam Gas, and / or Shale Gas, mining, this is the place to start your journey into the horrors that both of these forms of mining bring to communities.

A valuable source of information from the USA
The South American perspective.
This is a brilliant site and great for an external perspective of Australian mining activity.
Their English version is gone, use Google to translate it, it is worth the effort!

  An excellent website available in Spanish or English

See what mining companies are happy to do, and what they are happy to leave behind.
The mining experience in the Philippines.

Link to bleeding heart video
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